Want To Teach In A School ? Know How.

Your dream is to teach in a school, but you are not very sure if you know the right steps to achieve the dream. Don't worry, we will tell you all it takes to have a successful career in teaching !

Some of the following thoughts may come across your mind :

1. What is the difference between a TGT teacher (Trained Graduate Teacher) and a PGT teacher (Post Graduate Teacher)

2. I want to teach in senior secondary classes (class 11th and 12th), do i need to have masters ?

3. I want to teach nursery students, do I need to have a degree after class 12th ?

4. I came across teacher eligibility test, do I need this ?

5. When do i need b ed ?

We will answer them and all other questions that you may have. All you need to do is, select from the drop down menu below, what classes would you like to teach and what interests you. And you will find your answer!


Q. Which class do you want to teach?

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