FAQs - Rajasthan TET

  1. What is the syllabus of RTET?

    You can view the detailed syllabus of RTET on the following link:

    RTET Syllabus Paper 1

    RTET Syllabus Paper 2

  2. What are RTET eligibility criteria?

    The eligibility for RTET is mentioned on the following links:

  3. How is Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education (RBSE) related to RTET?

    Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education (RBSE) conducts the RTET exam.

  4. Can I practice sample question paper?

    Yes. You can view previous year papers and sample papers on the following link:

    Previous Year Papers

  5. What is teacher eligibility test?

    Teacher eligibility test is a gateway to bring uniformity in the standard of teachers appointed to provide quality education to students in school. This was for the first time started in 2011 by the central government in the form of CTET as a mandatory requirement for anyone willing to teach in Center aided schools. Thereafter the states have started conducting the examination for state aided schools. Some of the private schools have also started considering Teacher Eligibility Test as a major eligibility criterion in the recruitment process.

  6. Where do I get RTET answer key?

    You can view your RTET answer key on the official website.

  7. How do I apply for RTET exam form?

    The process of application is Online. For any updates, one can go on the following link:

  8. What is the role of RTET in recruitment of a teacher?

    RTET clearance is compulsory for candidates who wish to teach in state aided schools of Rajasthan. However, clearing the exam doesn't guarantee a teaching job. There are many other factors on which appointment is dependent.