The words 'A', 'An' and 'The' are called articles, 'A' and 'An' are indefinite articles and 'The' definite Article. An is used before words which start with the a vowel sound. 'A' and 'An' are used when the meaning of one is to be conveyed and if something is not being specific. 'The' is used to talk about something definite or particular.

Following are the uses of 'The'
- with superlative adjectives
- with common nouns representing the whole class
- with mountain ranges and island groups
- with River seas, Oceans
- with building and Holy books
- with names of Countries which have the word 'united' or 'republic'

Omission of Articles:
No article is used with names of people and places, abstract nouns and material nouns. 'The' can be used when making the, specific/particular.

Apply and Learn:

Fill with 'a', 'an', 'the' and check if an article is required at all:
Q1. ________ Mount Everest is the highest Mountain.
Answer: No need of article

Q2. __________ first Prime Minister of India is loved by children a lot.
Answer: The

Q3. Please give me _______ cake that is on the counter.
Answer: a

Q4. The train is late atleast by ______ hour.
Answer: an

Q5. Eggs are sold by ______ dozen.
Answer: the