1. A verb denotes an action or being or possession.
2. A verb that requires an object to complete its meaning is called Transitive verb.
3. A verb that does not require an object to complete its meaning but has a complete meaning by itself is called Intransitive verb.

The verb should always agree with the subject i.e., if the subject is singular the verb should be singular and if the subject is plural, the verb should be plural.

Apply and Learn:

Q1. Either you or he ________ spoilt it. (has/have)
Answer: has

Q2. The king with all his soldiers _______ killed. (was/were)
Answer: was

Q3.  Many a traveller ________ missing. (is/are)
Answer: is

Q4. Politics ________ the main theme of the movie Rajneeti. (is/are)
Answer: is

Q5. My brother and my lawyer _______ not to sign it. (advise/advises)
Answer: advise