Determiners are words which are used before nouns to fix or define them. They are also called word-fixers because they fix the meaning of the nouns that are placed before them.

Kind of determiners:
1. Articles: a, an, the
2. Demonstrative Determiners - this, that, these, those
3. Possessive Determiners (show possession or relation) - my, our, your, his, her, it, there, etc.
4. Numerical Determiners (indicate the numbers of an object) - one, two, second, both, several, each, both another, neither etc.
5. Quantitative Determiners (indefinite) - Some, many, much, more, less etc.

Apply and Learn:

Q1. I was shocked to find that all _______ books had been stolen. (my/mine)
Answer: my

Q2. I have read _______ book in this library. (each/every)
Answer: each

Q3. It wasn't a good match _______ team played well. (either/neither)
Answer: each

Q4. New Delhi is ________ capital of India. (the/a)
Answer: the

Q5. Visitors are requested to park  _______ vehicles only in the parking lot. (his/their)
Answer: their