5 Qualities A Great Teacher Possesses

We all have a favorite teacher. The one who made us laugh, one who never gave up on us, the one who hugged us randomly, the one who possessed an overwhelming amount of knowledge, and the one who acted as our guidance counsellor.

Great teachers possess certain qualities that we’ve listed here. If you’re aspiring to be a teacher and possess these qualities, you will do an incredible job. 

1. Passion:

It’s a privilege to possess the ability to shape the delicate young minds of tomorrow. Teachers are passionate about their subject and about imparting education. Their passion for teaching is what keeps them going when they face difficult situations.   
2. Patience: 

We’ve all had that one teacher who said you could ask her the same question a 1000 times if you didn’t understand and when you did, she screamed at you.  A teacher needs to be patient. A student might genuinely be facing a problem and when you let your temper get the best of you, you lose your credibility as their go-to person. 

3. Compassion: 

Good teachers are kind and caring, they are able to gauge why a student is behaving in a certain manner. They hide their frustration and dig deeper to find solutions to the problems that their students are facing. 

4. Persistence:

Dealing with stubborn children can be challenging, at times. This requires them to be persistent and keep trying until they find a solution to effectively deal with the problem at hand. 

5. Sense of humor 

Humor is probably one of the most effective ways to break the ice. Teachers who possess a great sense of humor are the best. One thing to keep in mind is to never attack a student in order to be funny.