Why Become A Teacher

Teaching may seem to be a challenging job, but it comes with unique undeniable perks and is extremely satisfying. Read on for the Hows and Whys:

Experience the Gratification of Making a Difference in Students' lives

Teachers get incomparable pleasure in seeing the difference they make as students gain new wisdom, develop interest in a subject and learn about themselves. Every day, teachers mold the future by impacting their students’ views and understandings. Many individuals are attracted to teaching by a sense of service, because they want to make a clear, tangible difference in the lives of others. As a teacher, you see the fruits of your efforts everyday as you use your intelligence and creativity to help students become excited about and learn about the science in their lives.

Have a Career, Not a Job

With a majority of people in the world, their work is a means to an end. They work for a paycheck in order to earn their bread and butter. But those who choose teaching have a meaningful vocation. To the students with whom you interact most during your day of teaching, you are not just another employee but a friend, a mentor and a guide to the world.

§Enjoy Mutual Interaction

Teaching provides its pursuers the ability to do their job while also enjoying a rich amount of interpersonal interaction. Teachers interact with their students, other teachers and community members regularly. Many students decide to pursue teaching over other science careers for this personal interaction.

Benefit From Diversity

The idea of doing a job that involves repetition of a specific task over and over is not exactly appealing. Teaching is a job that offers a great deal of variety. Each year, teachers get to work with a new group of students with unique personalities, experiences and ideas. Teachers can introduce new lessons in the courses, change their method of teaching a particular topic or design new classes to teach to keep things new and exciting each year.

Learn lifelong

You tend to learn a topic better when you start to teach it. Students always ask the most interesting questions, prompting you to dig deeper and learn more about the aspects of science they are most curious about. Teaching science allows you to be a student of science throughout your career as you incorporate new research findings, technologies and science events into your classroom.

Have an Autonomous Schedule

While classes do have predetermined curricula that teachers are expected to follow, it is the teacher who decides what will happen in the classroom each day. Teachers teach their syllabus in very different ways depending on their knowledge, personality and beliefs. Not many jobs provide an individual with so much room to be creative and independent each day.

Spend More Time With Your Family

One of the best perks of a teacher’s routine is that it matches up with a child’s school schedule. While you are likely to bring some work home with you, you will be able to stay home with your children in the afternoons. Your and child’s holidays will clash and will allow you to take more vacations with your family. Now isn’t that tempting?